🇷🇴 Congratulations to all participants.
You are all winners and I am proud of you. 🇷🇴

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Award Ceremony - Teams and overall

Teams Final Results

1st Serbian Team Katarina 2nd Romanian plus Zlati Dimitrov 3rd Bulgarian team 4th Kombina Diana Zaharie Daria Luciana Ojog and a bulgarian pair

Teams - last round

Award Ceremony MP & IMP Pairs: Youth Camp 2020, 12th Edition
Varshets, Bulgaria

Start 7nd round, the last for today, hard day 

Teams 1st round: Youth Winter Camp

2nd day MP: 12th Youth Bridge Winter Camp 2020; Bulgaria, Varshets

Relax Time

IMP Pairs Results
Beginner Pairs Imp Results Advanced Pairs Imp Results
Waiting for start: 1st day Pairs IMP

On our Way to Camp

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