Source: Minnesota Bridge

Today, eighteen teams of Juniors players, in four groups (3 open groups, categorized by age and one for female players) start competition in Atlanta for the 2017 Michael Seamon Junior Trials. At least one team in each category shall represent us at the World Youth Teams Bridge Championships in China, near Shanghai, August 8-18, 2018.

We are thrilled that three of the teams (U26, born 1993 or later and the Rona, women born 1993 or later) have players from Minnesota!

Ben Kristensen (on the far right), our superstar player from Duluth, is pictured with his Spingold team from Toronto, who this summer beat the mighty Monaco team. Ben is playing with his Spingold teammates in Atlanta, along with two other elite juniors.

Also playing in the U26 is the president of Carleton College’s Bridge Club – Alexander Frieden.  In addition to doing a fine job managing and growing bridge at Carleton, Alexander has been frequenting Minnesota tournaments and made it to the San Diego Nationals!

In the Rona competition, Morgan Johnstone, one of our avid competitors involved in the University of MN honors bridge studies, is representing our state.  We see Morgan frequently at both Minnesota tournaments and the Minneapolis Grand Slam Club, and are thrilled to see her scores going up, up, up!  Here’s to more “up up and away” in Atlanta, Morgan!

For those who would like to see our juniors in action, Vugraph will begin on Thursday, December 28th, on BBO. The Vugraph schedule is here.

More information about the Junior competition can be found at the USBF website. And for frequent updates, be sure to check out the Daily Bulletins, ably provided by the multi-talented Suzi Subeck.

Best of luck, Ben, Alexander and Morgan!  And to all our junior competitors, have a fabulous time enjoying your competition!

2017 Michael Seamon Junior USBCs Team Profiles

Fashingbauer Team – Rona – Fashingbauer-Miller, Kolesnik-Johnstone, Hsieh-Liu
Thapa Team – Rona – Thapa-Lin, Zhang-Chang
Xiao Team – U16 – Xiao-Yue-Luba, Hu-Zhou
Schireson Team – U16 – Schireson-Schuyler, Desai-Tang
Stephani Team – U21 – Stephani-Kurtzman, Taylor-Xu
Xu Team – U21 – Xu-Qi, Wu-Ma
Wei Team – U 26 – Wei-Liu, Fan-Si, Yin-Shen
Koppel Team – U21 – Koppel-Vohra, Donaghue-McClain, Smith-Colburn
Dhir Team – U26 – Dhir-Zhu-Amer, Herman-Snowden
Chai Team – U21 – Chai-Lui, Zhu-Zheng
Baumel Team – Baumel-Hsieh, More-Frieden
Berk Team – U26 – Berk-Soukup, Goldberg-Weingarten
Kaplan Team – Kaplan-Jolly, Rosenberg-Kristensen, Kriegel-Grossack
Rockoff Team – U26 – Rockoff-Wolff, Sonner-Hettle
Kompa Team – U26 – Kompa-Yoon, Harper-Schwartz