2017 WBF Women’s Autumn Festival
November 13-19, 2017

The 2017 WBF Women’s Online Autumn Festival starts on Monday, November 13, and continues until Sunday, November 19 on Bridge Base Online. All women welcome to join*.

*Although you don’t need to register on the WBF Women’s Club website to play the tourneys, registering makes you eligible for the major prizes. So please take a moment to complete this Registration Form.


  • Free entry and accommodation in a double room for the winner and her partner to the 2018 Women’s Pairs Championship in Orlando, USA, during the World Bridge Series.
  • Signed certificates from the WBF for top 3 players in each event.
  • Total of BB$160 for the top 15 players of the Festival.
  • WBF Online Master Points for the top 20 players of the Festival.
  • BBO Points will be awarded based on the size of the field.

Every tournament has also been peppered with smaller BB$ prizes. You just need to do well or be lucky to win those.

Tournament European Time (CET) NY Time (EDT) NSW, Australia
Individual 11.00 5AM 21.00
Robot Duplicate MPs Individual 14.30 8.30AM 00.30
Individual 16.10 10.10AM 02.10
Pairs 20.00 2PM 06.00
Pairs 00.00 6PM 10.00
Robot Duplicate IMPs Individual 03.00 9PM 13.00

How to join the tourneys?

  1. Please be a woman.
  2. Look for *** WBF WOMEN’S FESTIVAL *** series of tournaments, hosted by WOMEN_FEST in the list of all tourneys and register. That’s it!

For more information about the Festival, prizes, and how to enter etc., please visit the International Women’s Online Bridge Club official site.

Entry fees for the tournaments will be 1 BB$, and again we say, this is for ladies only. Invite your friends!

Please join us and help make this the best Women’s Bridge Festival ever!