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I have already talked about the 2club suitdrury, explaining how this convention develops when
it opens thirds or quarters of the hand and partner says 2club suit, showing fit.

(Editor Note: If you aren’t used to Drury: Drury Convention)

This time I will explain you, in addition to the 2club suitdrury, how can be the other answers,
taking into account that you are a passed hand.

When I say “singolo bruttino” I mean a hand with a singleton of about 7/8 points and support at least 4 cards, while “good” means almost opening.

An example of “singolo bruttino” may be, at the opening of 1Spade Suit, the following hand:

Spade Suit KQxx  Heart Suit x  Diamond Suit Q109xx  club suit xxx

PASSED HANDS ON 1Heart Suit and 1Spade Suit

1Heart Suit 2club suit 9 +3Heart Suit
2Diamond Suit 10/11; Heart Suit= Hx
2Heart Suit less than 8
2Spade Suit = 4+Heart Suit + 1 “singolo bruttino”;  2NT⇒ Asks
2NT/3club suit/3Diamond Suit singleton (2NT = Spade SuitSingleton)
3Heart Suit barrage
3NT/4club suit/4Diamond Suit void in steps
1Spade Suit 2club suit 8 +3Spade Suit
2Diamond Suit 10/11; Spade Suit= Hx
2Heart Suit natural
2Spade Suit less than 8
2NT  = 4+Spade Suit + 1 “singolo bruttino”;  3club suit⇒ Asks
3club suit/3Diamond Suit/3Heart Suit singleton
3Spade Suit barrage
3NT/4club suit/4Diamond Suit void in steps

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