Ilai Baniri

Discussing some hands of this event with my friend Ilai Baniri (ISR), we decided to consult some hands with friends. I for my side and he for his, combining experience with youth, and the results are as follows.

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Problem 6: France against Denmark Category U26

Dealer North. All Vul

—  7  K Q 10 9 8 5 4 2  A Q 6 4

West North East South
1 2 3
3 3NT 4 ?

Zia Mahmood (USA) WGM 6 

Zia Mahmood
Zia Mahmood

Marcelo Castello Branco (BRZ) WGM: 5  

Marcelo Castello Branco
Marcelo Castello Branco

5. Normal bid.      

Norberto Bocchi  (ITA) WGM Pass                     

Norberto Bocchi
Norberto Bocchi

Pass. Pass first and after 5.

David Bakhshi (ENG) WIM: 6

David Bakhshi
David Bakhshi

6. I can’t see how we can know how many tricks we can make, or how we can involve partner in the decision, but I would like my chances of making a slam. It’s also possible that if slam is due to fail that EW might misjudge and save in 6

Krzysztof Martens (MON) WGM: 5

Krzyztof Martens
Krzyztof Martens
5. 4NT is to play.
If pass is forcing (for me – yes), we can pass and after double bid 5like invitational.

Brian Senior (ENG) WM: 5.

Brian Senior
Brian Senior

5. Partner could have doubled for T/O but now I cannot – it would be penalty. 4NT would be to play. Which leaves only 5 – which could prove to be quite wrong, but I am hoping that partner would not have bid 3NT on a complete misfit. There is no way to get to clubs when it is right to do so without also getting to clubs when it is very wrong.

Benjamin Robles (CHI) WM Pass 

Benjamin Robles
Benjamin Robles

Pass. I have to at least invite slam if my partner doubles. If it ever ends, I’ll continue to slam. It seems a mistake to finish directly on 4, it would be to guess alone, poker .

Mikael Rimstedt (SWE) WIM: 6
Mikael Rimstedt 
Mikael Rimstedt
6 – Hopefully partner got an ace… Otherwise he had pass as an option on 3.
 Liam Milne (AUS) WIM: 6
Liam Milne
Liam Milne 
This is all about optimism or pessimism. There are only two choices: 5or 6. To make slam, we need at least two of the three key cards (ace of hearts, ace of diamonds, king of clubs) plus somewhere to dispose of the fourth club. I’m not sure what the percentage action is, but I think I’ll go optimistic and try 6. Just 5could easily be right though.
Christian Bakke (NOR) WM: Pass
Christian Bakke
Pass – Should be forcing. If partners comes back with a double, I bid 5, showing slam interest.
Vassilis Virvidakis (GRE) Pass
Vasileios Virvidakis
BBO Nick: vasmar

Pass. Forcing of course and if P doubles I bid 5, if he bids anything i bid 6(i believe his 3NT bid guarantees 2 cards in .

Asaf Yekutieli (ISR) Pass
BBO Nick: tol23

Pass. Partner appears to be (semi)balanced, with a wasteful heart holding, from a diamond contract point of view. Therefore, in terms of slam prospects, passing (forcing) and subsequently pulling double to 5x does full justice with our hand. With A and K, partner should surely raise. However, admittedly, with a minor card and a major ace, we forced a guess, which I do not see how to avoid.


6 = 4 experts

5 = 3 experts

Pass = 5 experts