Source: Bocchi & Madala Big Bang Bridge This another funny anecdote (I see that you like them). This time I will tell you about Italo Santia known in the bridge ambiance and missed since some few years, for those who did not know he was Mrs. Lavazza’s professional. 1990 San Vincent’s Tournament: Italo had another sponsor who was called Rol, just one of the owner of the RolOil lubricants, besides having no money problems, the lady was kind and generous, but although so much the love she had for bridge, she was not paid in return.
Italo was engage to play with Mrs. Lavazza in that tournament so he asked Giorgio Duboin to play with the legendary Mrs. Rol, she was really enthusiastic about her new partner and asked Italo what much was Giorgino fee and Italo kindly told her x$ for each playing day, she was OK with the money but added a second question at this point: “Italo (all this with Turin accent) what I have to give Giorgino if we win the San Vincent tournament?  (A tournament with a field of 400 pairs with at least 20 world champions and 50 first level foreign pairs ). Italo, who was very calm and unmanageable, told her: A ROLLS ROYCE, and she surprised asked him: SO MUCH? Yes, Yes, I am convinced that if you win, I will feel so happy that I’m going to pay you half of the car and you can have free bridge lessons with me for the rest of your life, I’m glad to save you half of the rolls if you win.