Bobby Wolff
Bobby Wolff
Wikipedia: Robert S. (Bobby) Wolff (born October 14, 1932, San Antonio, Texas) is an American bridge player, writer, and administrator. He is the only person to win world championships in five different categories.  Wolff was an original member of the Dallas Aces team, which was formed in 1968 to compete against the Italian Blue Team which was dominant at the time. The Aces were successful and won their first world championship in 1970. Wolff has won 11 world championships, over 30 North American championships, and was the president of World Bridge Federation (WBF) 1992–1994, and served as president of American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) 1987. He is the author of a tell-all on bridge chronicling 60 years on the scene, entitled The Lone Wolff, published by Master Point Press. His column, The Aces on Bridge has been appearing daily for over 32 years, is syndicated by United Feature Syndicate in more than 130 newspapers worldwide and is available online two weeks in arrears. IMPs Dealer South. Both Vul
    A 5 3 Q J 8 2 K Q 7 2 8 5
10 9 8 7 5 J 9 6 3 K J 7 2
West North East South
Pass 3 Pass 6
Pass Pass Pass
The protected man doesn’t need luck, therefore, it seldom visits him” _ Alan Harrington In choosing a lead against a gambling small slam, is it better to seek safety or to shoot for a little bit of luck?

It’s your lead?

Over the years, your wallet will stay somewhat fatter if you go for that little bit of luck. If West choosed the “safe” lead of 10, South will be more gratefull. He will win, draw trumps, unblick his A and discard two of his losing clubs on dummy’s diamonds. “6 bid and made” might be his sickening chortle. Against a non-gambling South, West will be defending against a heart game instead of a slam. South will cue-bid 4over 3, and even the most optimistic slam bidders will discover that the club suit poses an inmediate danger.

What to lead against the gambling slam?

Better to lead from something than to lead from a safe sequence. In today’s case, something is theK-J. This lead strikes gold if partner has the ace, establishes a quick winner when partner has theQ, and might not cost anything even if it rides into South’s A-Q. The few times it might give a slam away are outnumbered by the times the lead rates to bring success. When a player makes a gambling move to slam, time doesn’t rate to be on the side of the opening leader. Make an aggressive lead in hopes that you can beat declarer to the punch.
A 5 3 Q J 8 2 K Q 7 2 8 5
10 9 8 7 5 J 9 6 3 K J 7 2 6 4 2 6 3 10 8 5 4 A 10 9 4
K Q J A K 10 9 7 4 A Q 6 3

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