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No Escape from Surround Play

Source: trumps.net.au In a hand from a past World Bridge Championship, we look at a textbook defensive situation with which few club players are familiar. Dealer West,...

Telefhone Wire by Terence Reese and Eddie Kantar

Source ” Defend with your Life” Dealer South all Vul 10 K Q 3 J 10 9 7 10 9 7 4 2 K 6 5 4 3 A J 7 A 6...

Defensive Player Should Attempt to Visualize What Partner Holds

Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle – 20 Mar 1930 The great mistake the average player makes on defensive play is not trying to visualize what is in his partner’s...

Common Defensive Theme by Justin Lall

Source: Justin Lall Playing matchpoints you pick up  A Q 9 2 A T 6 3 J 5 2 8 7. Starting on your right it goes (1)...

Defensive Attitude Signals in Contract Bridge

Source: BridgeHands

The Crocodile Coup

Source: Wikipedia he Crocodile Coup is a play in the game contract bridge. It is executed by the defense: specifically by the second hand to play to a trick....

Defensive Strategy: Trump Leads

Source: richmondbridgeassociation.org A lot of misconceptions surround trump leads. Here are the times when it is most attractive to make an opening lead of a trump: ...