Source: IBPA Bulletin Oct 2017 Dealer East. Neither Vul
5 3 A 10 9 2 J 8 4 3 A K 5
10 4 2 5 3 7 5 2 Q J 9 8 2 7 6 K J 8 7 6 4 Q 10 9 6 3
A K Q J 9 8 Q A K 10 7 6 4
West North East South
2 3
Pass 4 Pass 4
Pass 4NT Pass 5
Pass 5 Pass 6
Pass 6 Pass Pass
Opening lead: 5 East opened a standard weak two in hearts and South made a natural strong jump overcall in his main suit. After a couple of control-showing bids, North used Roman Key Card Blackwood to discover that his partner had three key cards along with the king of diamonds and the queen of trumps. West led the five of hearts. Declarer could count eleven winners – the problem was finding a safe twelfth. At first sight it seemed to be one of those deals where declarer thinks he would probably have to guess which squeeze to execute in the endgame. Then rather suddenly a new idea struck him and he called for the two of hearts at trick one. East took the trick with the king of hearts and exited with his singleton three of clubs. Declarer made no mistake at this point. He took the trick with dummy’s king of clubs and, as there was only one entry left to dummy, he called for the nine of hearts next. East played the jack and declarer ruffed it with his eight of trumps. After drawing trumps with the ace, king and queen, declarer claimed twelve tricks – six trumps along with two tricks in each of the side suits.