Source: Hi, this is Luc Bellicaud! I’m a French junior, representing my country at the World Youth Bridge Teams Championships, which just started in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. In these daily articles, I will drive you through the U31 championship, with some insights and some interesting boards.
Luc Bellicaud
For the running score in the U31 series, click HERE. For all results in the World Youth Teams Championship, click HERE. Day 8  The FINAL! It’s time for the much-awaited final of the championship! Our opponents are Belgium, a team that we are well acquainted with. We have played against them several times during the Channel Trophy, an annual competition involving teams from France, the Netherlands, England, and Belgium. While we have emerged victorious more often than not, we have also suffered a few defeats at their hands. First segment… To continue reading click here

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