Source: 16th World Bridge Series daily bulletins
Krzysztof JASSEM
Patrick Patreuha, who I met in Salsomaggiore in the junior event, must have a strong claim to be the snappiest dresser here, but as Krzysztof Jassem reports, his smart plays are not restricted to the sartorial variety. Board 15. Dealer South. N/S Vul.
A 9 8 7 K J 6 5 3 J 8 3 2
J 7 3 10 9 3 Q 10 9 4 7 6 5 10 8 6 4 2 Q J 5 A K Q 10 4
K Q 5 A K 6 4 2 A 8 7 2 9
West North East South
Jassem   Patreuha  
Pass 1NT 2 Dbl
Pass 2 2 3
Pass 3NT All Pass
In the other room E/W had boosted the auction to 3and been doubled there for -300, so a lot of IMPs were riding on whether 3NT could be brought home. Patreuha led the Q asking for unblock of the jack or count, and Jassem’s 7 suggested the actual layout. Plan the defence. Patreuha shifted to a spade; declarer won in hand and led a diamond up. Patreuha discarded the Q and when declarer finessed in diamonds he pitched the J. Both plays are absolutely necessary to prevent declarer establishing hearts without letting West on lead for the killing club shift. (Declarer’s line of play was absolutely logical and technically sound; to succeed he would have had to play a heart at trick two and duck East’s jack – an impossible play to find.)

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