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The Greatest Player by Phillip Alder

Source: Gadsden Times – Dec 27, 1999 Who is the best player of all time? Three Italians figure prominently in the voting. Giorgio Belladonna, Pietro Forquet and Benito Garozzo....

Excess Baggage by Eddie Kantar and Terence Reese

Source: Defend with your life Dealer South None Vul 8 7 4 3 6 5 4 K 8 4 2 K 10 Q J 9 A Q J J 10 9 7 A...

Telefhone Wire by Terence Reese and Eddie Kantar

Source ” Defend with your Life” Dealer South all Vul 10 K Q 3 J 10 9 7 10 9 7 4 2 K 6 5 4 3 A J 7 A 6...

Defensive Player Should Attempt to Visualize What Partner Holds

Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle – 20 Mar 1930 The great mistake the average player makes on defensive play is not trying to visualize what is in his partner’s...

Dennis Bilde Young Gun – Defensive Hand Of The Year

Peter Hollands is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open...

Defensive Attitude Signals in Contract Bridge

Source: BridgeHands

With Trump Length, Lead Length by Andrew Robosn

Source: https://www.andrewrobson.co.uk There are two diametrically opposite defensive strategies against trump contracts. You can lead from shortage and try to make your trumps by trumping; alternatively...

Defense Best Offense in Bridge

This fine example of defensive bidding and defensive play is from the 1968 Blue Ribbon. Dealer East Neither Vul --- 5 4 3 2 9 8 6 4...