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Defense: Never Rests

Source: https://www.bridgehands.com/ When bidding, hand evaluation and effective communication is great - yet the real proof of the eating happens as the play begins... and proceeds.

En Passant Blanc by Terence Reese

"If trumps are valuable coin for declarer, they are gold for the defenders." K 6 5 K J 6 9 4 2 A K 10 6 Q J 10...

Temptation to Kill a King Must Sometimes Be Resisted By Easley...

Dealer South All Vul K Q 6 Q J 10 A 9 8 6 2 9 3 7 3 K 5 2 10 4 3 A 8 6 5 2 A 9 8...

Count all the Tricks

Source: The Dispatch – 12 Oct 1981 Polite people don’t guess how much money you have, but a bridge expert keeps track of everybody’s winners and losers Dealer...

Larsen’s Larceny by Alan Truscott

Source: IBPA Bulletins 2001 Truscott submits this deal from the Toronto ACBL Nationals, reported in the NY Times, 22nd July 2001, featuring Kyle Larsen, West,...

A Defence Tale by Zia

During the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series Mr. Zia Mahmmod explained this hand played by his teammates.

The Lall’s Sacrifice by Justin Lall

During the World Mind Games Beijing 2014 Justin Lall played and commented this hand.

Can You Defeat Three 3NT? by Beverly Kraft – Eric Kokish

On today's deal, from the semifinals of the 1999 Canadian Teams Championships, all four North-South pairs reached 3NT, but the contract was made only...