Luc Bellicaud
Hi, this is Luc Bellicaud! I’m a French junior, representing my country at the World Youth Bridge Teams Championships, which just started in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. In these daily articles, I will drive you through the U31 championship, with some insights and some interesting boards. For the running score in the U31 series, click HERE. For all results in the World Youth Teams Championship, click HERE. Day 7 – The Semifinal In the semifinal round of the U31 World Teams Championship, we faced the skilled team of India, which had won their quarterfinal match by only 2 IMPs against Bulgaria. One of their pairs had come to the top position in the Butler of the qualifying rounds, and they were also the first reserve pair for their national open team. Our team had devised a strategic ploy. We decided to pit Romaric and myself against their top pair, relying on our more straightforward playing style, while keeping the other table open for creative masterstrokes. Our strategy paid off. We secured a brilliant start by winning the first segment with a 34-IMP lead. The Indians managed to win the next 3 sets, however, our initial advantage proved decisive, and we won the match by 25 IMPs overall! We qualified for THE FINAL of the World Championship! Here is a board where I found myself in a less-than-ideal contract and had to mitigate the potential loss: To continue reading click here

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