Ted Horning has written the daily syndicated column Canadian Bridge with Torstar Syndicate for over eighteen years-6600 columns and has been teaching bridge for more than thirty years. He has represented Canadian si different World Championship events. IMPs Dealer South. Neither Vul
J 6 3 2 A 8 Q J 10 8 5 A 6
A 10 K Q 5 3 9 6 3 K Q 4 2
West North East South
Pass 1 Pass 1
Pass 1 Pass 1NT
Pass 3NT End
Opening lead:5 North’s 1 was natural and forcing. Had North wanted to make a forcing bid that didn’s neccessarily show a spade suit, he would have jumped to 2 South is in 3NT and after playing a low spade from dummy, saw East follow with the king


East’s play of theK is a good news. West most certainly has the queen and South has two certain spade winners. In fact, given time, South may developed to go along with three heart tricks and three clubs. Although there are two certain spade winners now, by simply winning theA, that may not be the best idea. South may be thinking about developing his nine tricks but the absence of spots in the spade suit should concern him. Can the defenders develop five tricks (three spades and two diamonds) before South has his nine? Yes, if spade are divided 5-2. Let’s say South wins theA at trick one, diamond honors are split and East wins the first diamond, returning a spade. West can win theQ and continue with spades. The lack of spade spots will leave South with no protection against this attack. Now, when West wins the second diamond trick, West will be able to defeat the contract via spade winners. The opportunity to win a second spade trick is an illusion. South doesn’t requiere two spade tricks. He has to make the best play to prevent the opposition from winning three spade tricks and that is to duck theK. If spade are 4-3, the defenders can’s win more than two spades tricks. By ducking, South gives himself an additional chance – that East has one of the diamond honors and only two spades. The complete deal:
J 6 3 2 A 8 Q J 10 8 5 A 6
Q 9 8 5 4 10 7 K 7 2 9 7 5 K 7 J 9 6 4 2 A 4 J 10 8 3
A 10 K Q 5 3 9 6 3 K Q 4 2

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