China -Phillipines

China was contundent in his match against Phillipines. China defined the match in four boards, 1, 2, 12 and 13 …and ended winning the match 68 – 5. Read the story of three of these boards.  Sunday, 7th April 2019 These were the boards that defined the match. Board 1 Zhm (CHN) decided to open his hand with a 1Diamond Suitbid. East competed with hearts, South chose to bring into play his 4 spade cards with a double, and Jensine showed a good support to his partners suit. North invited to play a spade game and that was the end. Declarer only could make 5 tricks for – 200. At the other table North chose to say 4Spade Suit and was doubled, he payed 1100…and the first 14 IMPs for China. Board 2 With some interferences. E/W (CHN) arrived to a heart game and declarer lose only two spades and a club for 10 tricks and the contract. At the other table N/S (CHN) played 3Spade Suit, made five for +200. Both tables added 12 IMPs for their team. Board 3  The Couple from China in N/S chose to play 6NT. And after a spade lead, declarer lose the club ace and claimed twelve boards. At the other table the couple from Phillipine, chose to play 6Heart Suitand with a club ace lead and another club was beaten in the first two tricks. This board gave 17 IMPs to China.