Dennis Bilde & Thomas Paske
Dennis Bilde & Thomas Paske
Some days ago I posted an article written by a young player from UK Thomas Paske, where he described a new initiative by Shireen Mohandes : Over My Shoulder… ( Shireen lives and works in London, England. Her profession is “Business Analyst” in the Broadcast and Advertising Industry. She competes in events in the UK, USA (about once every 7 nationals). ) This is what Thomas wrote about his experience: Hello WBF Youth site,
In these troubled times bridge is a welcome release to all of us who enjoy the game. I consider myself very lucky that I have plenty of bridge to play online.
I want to talk about an exciting new initiative which Shireen Mohandes has started, it is called ‘Over my shoulder’. She is giving you the opportunity to watch expert bridge players, from around the world, live and hear their thoughts. On top of  that you get the chance to question the expert about actions they have chosen during the game. You can even choose your expert dependent on the language you prefer so that everyone can enjoy the interaction.
His words made me curious, so I decided to try it too, and found out that on Thursday April 16 my fellow countryman Agustin Madala was going to participate in one of the tables. So…
1) I sent an email to Shireen: asking her for a place in Agustin Madala’s room.
2) Shireen sent me back an email with links to enter to a Zoom meeting.
These were the instructions I received in Spanish, my language!!!. I will translate them for this article:
Thursdays at 9:30 pm Spain, 8:30 pm UK, 4:30 pm Argentina, 3:30 pm New York is the next event “Over My Shoulder”.
YOU DO NOT connect to BBO, you enter a Zoom teleconference.
1. Click on a link to join the Zoom meeting, choose a or b. It is preferable to use a PC or laptop (or tablet), cell phone is not recommended. Just go into a room. a. With Agustin commenting in Spanish: b. With Zach commenting in English:
2. If you have never used Zoom, the link will want to download a very small program, Zoom. This is secure, and the password to enter is part of the link. It takes maybe 15 seconds. If you already have Zoom, you will be connected immediately.
3. When you are inside Zoom, you will see the other people there … and then surely more will enter.
Bridge players will be playing at BBO, and only one of them will share their screen with you. He is part of the meeting with us. You can see it, hear it, and talk to it. Because this is only a fictional experience, you are free to speak to the expert, and we encourage you to do so.
Please do not connect to BBO.
So I clicked the link at the day/hour mentioned in the email that she sent me, and alas I was there watching Agustin, saying HOLA (in spanish) to all the audience. I did not only could hear him, I also was able to see him and at the same time be a kibitzer at his table.
Did you ever wonder what a master is thinking while playing?
From the very first hand, for my big surprise Agustin (Septiembre in BBO) started to tell the audience his thoughts, his feelings and his expertise about each of the hands, bids, cards, and boards. The kibitzers asked him why he bidded certain suit, why he led a card…Why? Why? Why? and after some minutes everybody felt at home and felt comfortable to chat with Agustin, every time someone talked instead of Agustin´s face in the screen appeared the face of the person that was asking or chating…
And the thrill started right away…These were all the hands they played, you can replay them one by one…or if you prefer enter to Over My Shoulder Youtube Channel and watch Zach Grossack playing and explaining the way he thought the boards. Click Here
If you want to hear Agustin Madala in Spanish: Click Here
North South East West Result Points Score Movie
#4725Teams Over My Shoulder 2/2 -3.00
1 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 4xN-1 -100 7.00 Movie or Lin
2 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 3W= -140 0.00 Movie or Lin
3 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 1NE+2 -150 0.00 Movie or Lin
4 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 5xN-1 -200 0.00 Movie or Lin
5 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 3NN-1 -100 -4.00 Movie or Lin
6 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 3NE+1 -630 -13.00 Movie or Lin
7 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 6S= 1430 2.00 Movie or Lin
8 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 4E= -420 -6.00 Movie or Lin
9 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 5E-1 100 6.00 Movie or Lin
10 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 3S+1 170 -10.00 Movie or Lin
11 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 2N-1 -50 -4.00 Movie or Lin
12 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 4E-1 50 6.00 Movie or Lin
13 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 4S+1 650 1.00 Movie or Lin
14 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 4N= 420 6.00 Movie or Lin
15 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 1NW-3 150 6.00 Movie or Lin
16 carlosp septiembre nevereast germs345 4N= 420 0.00 Movie or Lin
Board 7:
Agustin explained he used to open this type of hands with 1NT, and that at the other table he thought that the opening bid was going to be 1 diamond. After watching the dummy he added that a 6Heart Suit contract played by North, gave the couple the advantage to receive a possible spade lead from East to the Spade Suit AQ10.
You can see above that in Agustin table he and Carlos arrived to a 6Heart Suit contract played by South and received a spade lead…contract made, at the other table the contract was 6Diamond Suit, and 2 IMPs for Agus.
Board 12:
In this board the Grossack brothers arrived to a 4Heart Suit contract, and Agustin explained that he chose to led a diamond hoping he would be able to ruff a third diamond during the play.
Nevereast won the trick with his ace, covering Carlos queen and continued with the heart king. Septiembre took the trick with his ace, and returned his second diamond, his partner won the trick and returned a diamond for Agustin’s ruff, the heart queen completed the task for one down. Agustin also commented that he regretted not having doubled, but that declarer had the chance not to win the first trick to make his contract. He received a GOOD LEAD from his opps.
Well I hope that all the players that read this article will try to experience this new way to be a kibitzer and enjoy bridge as always…stay home, stay safe and kib over the best master’s shoulders…
If you cannot attend a match, you can watch afterwards via Youtube:

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