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The first 7 teams in Section A clasified for the KO stage. Australia as the winner team of Final B, will join the first 7 teams of the A Final. The 8 qualified teams will play the KO stage. The finalists were: Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, England,  Finland, Autralia

BBO QF KO: Poland-Australia & Netherlands -England 

Australia Matt Smith, Jamie Thompson, Nico Ranson & John McMahon
Australia Team WHJI 2019
England U26 Charles Bucknell, Dominic Price, Stephen Kennedy, Tony Ye, Ben Norton, Shahzaad Natt & NPC Andrew McIntosh
england WHJ 2019
Netherlands (U26) Pim Coppens, Niels van Bijsterveldt, Guy Mendes de Leon, Thibo Sprinkhuizen, Tom van Overbeeke, Ricardo Westerbeek, Leen Stougie, Marc Stougie & NPC Agnes Snellers Poland  Piotr Marcinowski, Mateusz Sobczak, Jakub Patreuha, Patryk Patreuha & NPC Marek Markowski
Poland Team WHJI 2019
Again the first board of the match was adverse for Netherlands… Board 15 Thibo Sprinkhuizen (NTH) couldn’t stop before slam when he heard his partner had a heart honor. But the Diamond SuitK and spade suitJ were in bad position for him, although not for the defense, one down cost him 11 IMPs when England chose to play only a heart game at the other room. Australia-Poland match: In this board Australia recuperated 10 IMPs when they made a diamond game while Poland arrived to the diamond slam and was one down. Netherlands recuperated 10 IMPs in boards 16 and 17.  Board 18 Poland arrived to the diamond game in this hand. Declarer only lost the trump ace and the trump king. Australia chose to play only a diamond partscore making 11 tricks that cost them 6 IMPs. In the other match England and Netherlands were down when they chose to play NT games. Board 24 was a push in the England-Netherlands match, both tables played 4spade suitone down by E/W. A totally different story happened in the Poland-Australia match. Board 24 Patryk Patreuha (POL) opened with 1spade suit, and his partner Jakub Patreuha (POL) jumped to 3heart suit (hearts + spade support), West chose spades at the three level, after two pass Smith (AUS) reopen with 3NT. Nobody double, something really important when you go four down as Smith did. At the other table N/S played 5Diamond Suittwo down…and three more IMPs for Poland. Finally Poland and England advanced to the next stage. Last results:                                All The QF Results

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