March 28 2019
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The first 7 teams in Section A clasified for the KO stage. Australia as the winner team of Final B, will join the first 7 teams of the A Final. The 8 qualified teams will play the KO stage. The finalists were: Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, England,  Finland, Autralia

BBO QF KO: Poland-Australia & Netherlands -England 

Australia Matt Smith, Jamie Thompson, Nico Ranson & John McMahon England U26 Charles Bucknell, Dominic Price, Stephen Kennedy, Tony Ye, Ben Norton, Shahzaad Natt & NPC Andrew McIntosh Netherlands (U26) Pim Coppens, Niels van Bijsterveldt, Guy Mendes de Leon, Thibo Sprinkhuizen, Tom van Overbeeke, Ricardo Westerbeek, Leen Stougie, Marc Stougie & NPC Agnes Snellers Poland  Piotr Marcinowski, Mateusz Sobczak, Jakub Patreuha, Patryk Patreuha & NPC Marek Markowski Poland-Australia & Netherlands -England  first bloods appeared in board 1 Board 1 After Ye (ENG) 1NT opening bid, his partner jumped to 4heart suitto play there. Overbeeke (NTH) doubled and his partner chose spades. Ye must have felt very disappointed when his partner said 5Diamond Suit and had to correct to 5heart suitafter hearing West double. This time was East who doubled. Declarer had to lose two aces and the Diamond Suit10 for one down. At the other table Netherland was allowed to play 4heart suitthat gave them 11 IMPs. Same board, Poland-Australia match: Poland played 4heart suit, and was the one who added 10 IMPs in this board as Australia didn’t double 5heart suitin a similar bidding sequence at the other table. Board 2   Kennedy (ENG) opened 1NT, Overbeeke (NTH) jumped to 3club suitand Ye (ENG) transfered to hearts with 4Diamond Suit, after partner’s 4heart suit, he continued with 5spade suitexclusion blackwood, and after hearing the 6club suitresponse he closed the heart slam. 12 easy tricks, at the other table Netherlands adventured the heart grand slam difficult to make with the trump ace in England’s hands. This generated 17 IMPs for England. This board was a push in the Australia-Poland match. Board 4 was another huge swing for England when they chose to play a heart slam, while Netherlands decided to defend and played a spade slam. Board 4
6heart suitwas an easy make, and 6spade suitwas an impossible make, as declarer had to lose the diamond ace and the heart ace, one down and 16 IMPs. The VG operator wrote in one of the tables: there was a little bit of discussion between the Dutch, it is remarkable how well everybody reacts to mistakes. This board was a push in the Australia-Poland match. After all this hustle and bustle, things calmed down, in both matches. Little by little Netherlands started to recuperate some IMPs. But in board 8 Netherlands fireworks appeared again. Board 8 Norton (ENG) opened 1Diamond Suitand Bjestervef (NTH) jumped to 2spade suit, Natt (ENG) doubled, and Coppens (NTH) raised his partner´s suit, after two pass Natt reopened with a double, and after hearing his partner rebidding diamonds he closed the diamond game. Declarer received a heart lead, and he only lose the trump king as he discarded the spades in his clubs for +400. At the other table Netherlands again couldn´t stop before slam and lost another 10 IMPs. In the Australia-Poland match this board generated 3 IMPs for Australia, when Poland played 5Diamond Suitmade, and Australia chose to play 3NT with three overtricks. Poland-Australia: Board 9 saw Poland taking the lead for the first time in the match. Board 9 Poland reached very easily the 3NT contract. And the club lead developed the ninth trick at the very start of the hand. At the other table Australia chose to play a very expensive diamond partscore: they lose 11 IMPs. The match was almost even Poland 21 – Australia 20. Board 10 added 6 IMPs to Poland when they made a spade partscore where Australia chose the spade game down one. And Board 13 saw Australia lose 14 IMPs, when in one of the rooms they doubled 3heart suitthat Poland make, and at the other table Australia arrived to the heart game and went two down.

Results after Half QF match (after first 14 boards, with 14 boards to play)

Poland 47 -Australia 20

Netherlands 23 -England 54

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