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August 24, 2019

6th World Youth Open Championships, Teams Championships: Round 1

After finishing the excitement of the definition for the first medals of the 6th World Youth Open Championships in the Pairs Champonships, all the young players are now concentrated facing the Teams Championships. In the first round of the U 26 Open Category the Team Italia faced the Natt Team from England.

At one of the tables ITALIA: Giovanni DONATI (Italy)- Sebastiano SCATA (Italy) sitting N/S faced NATT: Shahzaad NATT (England)– Ben NORTON (England) sitting E/W. At the other NATT: Junyuan YE (England)– Stephen KENNEDY (England); faced ITALIA: Alvaro GAIOTTI (Italy)– Francesco CHIARANDINI (Italy).

You can play the hands card by card


Scatá - Donati
Scatá – Donati

Board 1 produced the first significant swing, when Scata-Donati did not develop the proper defense to defeat a spade game.

You can play the hands card by card

Board 1

After North and East Pass, Donati opened his hand with 1, Norton showed his balanced 17 count hand with a 1NT bid, and Scata showed his 4 cards support saying 3, Natt mentioned his spades and Norton decided to play game closing the bidding. 4was a reasonable shot but had no play as the minors lied.


Low from dummy, Scata played the 10 and Natt made the first trick with hisJ, to play the 2 to the queen. He continued with the A, watching Scata pitching the7, and after winning the trick he switched to the A, and afterwards switched again to the 10, Scata discarded the 2, and declarer played his K. The J continuation took care of Donati’s last trump, declarer throw a heart from dummy, and North pitched his K! creating a possibility for the declarer…that he did not lose.

Natt left his hand with a small diamond, Donati discarded a heart, and declarer ducked playing dummy’s 5, Scata won with the 10 and left his hand with a small club, Natt played a small club too, and Donati contributed with his Ace and returned another club.

Declarer played low from dummy, North played the10, and Natt won with his king, to continue with his last trump to pitch the Q from dummy and claimed 10 tricks.

The other table also played the same contract, but the defense was relentless and finished one down…10 IMPs for team Natt.

You can play the hands card by card

Board 3, generated the next difference.

After two Pass, North opened 1, South answered 1NT and Scata continued with 2 Gazzilli , clubs or +16, the 2was a forcing game response. Finally N/S arrived to 3NT. The defense needed a heart or diamond lead to defeat the contract but West chose a club and Donati arrived to his goal, making 10 tricks. At the other table N/S played a diamond partscore that cost them 7 IMPs.

Next Board produced another big swing:

You can play the hands card by card

Board 4

Both tables arrived to the 4, perhaps is interesting to see that in one table Norton passed after his partner’s 1opening bid, but got saved when Scata reopened the bidding. Donati made 10 tricks. At the other table Gaiotti re-evaluate his hand with 4 cards in his partner’s suit, plus J10 and J9 and support his partner, they easly arrived to the game, somehow in their way to make their contract something was wrong and were down one, 12 IMPs for Natt. (You can play the hand above to see what happend).

More swings in other hands get the match to end Natt 31 IMPs – Italy 22 IMPs.

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