March 27 2019

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12th BBO match Singapore – Israel

Aviv Zietak, Nir Khutorsky, Amir Ezion, Lior Urman, Gal Matatyahou, Yontan Sliwowicz & NPC Ram Blass

Teo Xue Heng, Linus Lee, Siew Kheng Hun, Yang Gan, Bryan Yang, Guan Xin & NPC Kelvin Ong

A huge swing appeared in Board 22…

Gan (SGP) opened 1club suit, partner showed his spade suit and Gan showed a good hand with hearts. Partner denied support, Gan asked for three cards support, his partner denied them, and when Gan closed the NT game, Hun (SGP) told him that they had to go for more…showing his club suit…they continued exchanging information and finally they landed in the 6club suitcontract.

The diamond lead was won with the diamond king, declarer continued with the ace and king of trump, and a spade to the ace, king and ruffed a third spade, he played a diamond to dummy’s queen and more spade, when North play the ten he ruffed and claimed for his contract.

Israel in the other table chose to play 6NT and was one down. 16 IMPs for Singapore…

Singapore increased the difference in the next board when both tables played a heart game doubled, but Israel was one more down than his opponent.

Board 25 gave a break to Israel when Singapore went down in both tables and 8 IMPs for Israel.

Board 27 helped Israel to lessen the difference

Lead: Diamond Suit2

The defense let declarer to win the first trick in his hand, he continued with a club to the king, and a spade to his jack, he won the next trick with the club eight, and played a diamond to the queen. Hun won with the king and changed to a heart.

Declarer won with the queen, played his spades and the heart ace was the ninth trick. Miracles happen..and Israel was the witness…11 IMPs for Israel and now the match was ISR 20 – SGP 26.

The miracle continued when in the next board Singapore was down in both tables giving Israel 10 much needed IMPs…now Israel was leading.

The match ended: Israel 31 – Singapore 26

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