Source: OCBL Journal  Fredin ruffed the club lead, drew the missing trump and blithely led the Diamond Suit10 from the closed hand. An unsuspecting Jan played low and when the diamonds broke 3-3 a spade could go on the thirteenth and he made an overtrick. There are other ways to play the five level with the spade suit frozen, such as eliminating clubs and playing diamonds from the top. If the queen drops you are laughing, if not you will have a discard so they have to break the spade suit for you. If South has the Spade SuitQ you can laugh again, if not you have to guess right, which might not be so easy after North’s free response. For the record, Peter Fredin wasn’t the only member of the partnership pulling off a piece of trickery today; his partner Jan Clementsson snuck a Chinese finesse past Ben Norton on board 7 to land an otherwise unmakeable 4Spade Suit.

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