March 28 2019
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BBO SF KO: Poland – Israel & Denmark -England 

Denmark Christian Lahrmann, Søren Bune, Andreas Plejdrup, Emil Buus Thomsen & NPC Claus Lund England U26 Charles Bucknell, Dominic Price, Stephen Kennedy, Tony Ye, Ben Norton, Shahzaad Natt & NPC Andrew McIntosh
england WHJ 2019
Israel Aviv Zietak, Nir Khutorsky, Amir Ezion, Lior Urman, Gal Matatyahou, Yontan Sliwowicz & NPC Ram Blass Poland  Piotr Marcinowski, Mateusz Sobczak, Jakub Patreuha, Patryk Patreuha & NPC Marek Markowski
Poland Team WHJI 2019
Board 1 generated the first double swing in Poland-Israel match. Board 1 Mateusz Sobczak (POL) opened his hand with 2heart suit and after two pass Amir Ezion (ISR) reopened with 2NT showing values and heart control, his partner transfered to spades and Ezion with 4 cards support closed the spade game. Declarer won the heart suitK with his ace to continue with a spade to the jack, and South won the trick with his ace. Piotr Marcinowski (POL) played the club ace and left his hand with his last heart. North won that trick and continued with another heart, but declarer ruffed with the trump ten, played the trump king a trump to the nine and another trump, and claimed. At the other table the same contract was one down, generating 11 IMPs for Israel. The hand only generate 1 IMP in the Denmark-England match both tables played the spade game but one made an overtrick. Board 3 was a huge swing in the Denmark – England match. Board 3 Stephen Kennedy (ENG) opened his hand with a 1heart suit bid, Emil Buus Thomsen (DNM) competed with 1spade suitand after Tony Ye (ENG), Søren Bune (DNM) mentioned his diamonds quietly. South showed his clubs, after two pass Bune reopened showing extra length in diamonds, and West closed the NT game. Declarer was lucky to receive a club lead, and run his 9 tricks. At the other table England tried 5Diamond Suit but finished two down, and 13 IMPs for Denmark. The board was a push in the Israel-Poland match, both teams played 3Diamond Suitscoring +110. In the meanwhile, another double digit appeared in the Israel-Poland match. Board 4  In a very short bidding Poland arrived very quickly to 4spade suit. And it was an easy make. Lead: Diamond SuitQ Ezion won his partner´s lead and returned another diamond. Now declarer won with the king and ruffed another diamond with the spade suit2 overruffed by West. Ezion left his hand with a club, declarer won in his hand and played the spade suit10, played a little heart losing to the queen, and West fast returned a trump, declarer won in dummy and ruffed a diamond in his hand with the trump king.  He get the heart suit3 over the table and claimed…+ 620. At the other table Israel chose to play 5heart suitand was three down and -14 IMPs. Board 6 was another 13 IMPs for Poland when they played a slam where Israel only get to the game. The same happened in the other match where this time England arrived to the slam while Denmark stayed playing game. Board 13 was a double difit in Poland -Israel match Board 13 Lior Urman (ISR) opened 1heart suitand his partner answered 1spade suit, East continued describing his hand with 2Diamond Suit and after a long thought Amir Ezion (ISR) invited to game with 3spade suit, his partner accepted bidding 3NT. Declarer won two clubs, three hearts, and 4 diamonds…scoring +600, and adding 10 IMPs because Poland only played 2spade suit. This board was a 3NT push in the Denmark-England match, both tables bidded and made the game. The last results :
# Team Gem. Totaal MP -2- 28/3 -1- 28/3
1 Denmark 41,50 83,00 28,00 55,00
2 England 28,50 57,00 39,00 18,00
# Team Gem. Totaal MP -2- 28/3 -1- 28/3
1 Israel 32,00 64,00 37,00 27,00
2 Poland 16,50 33,00 2,00 31,00

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