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August 26, 2019

U26 SF Australia vs Netherlands

Netherlands team
Australia Team
Australia: Renee COOPER (Australia)John MCMAHON (Australia)Nicholas RANSON (Australia)Matthew SMITH (Australia)Andrew SPOONER (Australia), Jamie THOMPSON (Australia), Michael DOECKE (Australia) (NPC) Netherlands: Pim COPPENS (Netherlands)Guy MENDES DE LEON (Netherlands)Thibo SPRINKHUIZEN (Netherlands)Niels VAN BIJSTERVELDT (Netherlands)

SF 3/4

These were the standings at the start of the 3rd set:
U26 Open Teams   c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Tot 4 Total
Australia AUSTRALIA 0 23 23 22 45 0 45 0 45
netherlands NETHERLANDS 0 39 39 53 92 0 92 0 92
Australia begun the second half with an incredible comeback, adding 39 IMPs in the very first three boards: Board 1
After Ranson’s 1 opening bid, Mendes de Leon introduced his spades with 1, Mcmahon showed his diamonds, and West supported his partner at the third level, after two pass, South reopened with double and Ranson closed the bidding with a 3NT bid. Lead:7 The declarer won the first trick covering West’s J with his king, and played a heart, East played the king winning the trick and returned another spade. North had to win with dummy’s ace, and now his problem was to get the clubs right. First he cashedQ and A watching Mendes de Leon discarding a diamond. Now he played a club from his hand, and when East played low chose the10 and must have +felt happy when Sprinkhuizen played the8. He continued cashing A K and when he saw the queen over the table, claimed the contract. The same contract was played at the other table but declarer finished one down, and 10 IMPs for Australia. Board 2
East opened a weak NT that South doubled, after two pass, East reopened with 2, now Mcmahon showed his spade suit, and his partner with 3asked for a club stopper, when he found out he didn’t have one closed the bidding with 4. Declarer didn’t have problems to make 12 tricks. At the other table N/S played 3NT with no hope and payed 13 IMPs for their choice. In Board 3 Australia played a slam where Netherlands chose to play only game. Board 9
Australia added another 11 IMPs when they played a slam where the Netherlands chose to play a game. But in the next three hands Netherlands had his own come back adding 38 IMPs in a row.

At the end of this set, the match was Netherlands 150 – Australia 96.

U21 SF 3/4: Badoell vs Meisters Disciple

Badoell: Erik HANSSON (Sweden)Castor MANN (Sweden)Oscar NIJSSEN (Netherlands), Tim VAN DE PAVERD (Netherlands) Meisters Disciple: Ilai Ilan BANIRI (Israel)Soren BUNE (Denmark)Sanna CLEMENTSSON (Sweden)Christian LAHRMANN (Denmark)Alexander SANDIN (Sweden) This were the standings at the start of the 3rd set:
U21 Teams  c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Tot 4 Total
wbf BADOELL 0 28 28 50 78 0 78 0 78
wbf M. DISCIPLE 0 40 40 14 54 0 54 0 54
Board 3
After South pass, Bune opened 1and his partner showed his heart suit, West showed a minimum opening and heart support with 2, Lahrman showed a strong hand with a 2 call. Bune closed the heart game, but his partner didn’t stop till they arrived to the heart slam. The lead was a diamond, declarer played two rounds of diamond, went to dummy with a heart and discard a club in the third diamond, he returned to his hand with another heart and played a club to the king when North won the trick with the ace he claimed his contract. At the other table E/W only played game and lose 13 IMPs in the board. At the end of this set the match was Badoell 120 vs Meisters Disciple 90

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