March 26 2019
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7th BBO match Brazil-Poland

Poland  Piotr Marcinowski, Mateusz Sobczak, Jakub Patreuha, Patryk Patreuha & NPC Marek Markowski Brazil Julia Mautone, Henrique Barbosa Salomao, Heitor Paoli, Alejandro Quiroga & NPC Fernando Lema The first hands added IMPs to Poland’s bag.  Board 2  Heitor Paoli (BRZ) opened with a 2Diamond Suit bid and bought the contract. He made his contract.  At the other table Brazil won the jackpot bidding 4Spade Suit, that were doubled by North. He finished two down …and 5 IMPs for Poland. Board 12 produced 9 IMPs for Poland, in one table Brazil played 1NT made with an overtrick, in the other table also Brazil arrived to a 4Heart Suit contract… down this time was 5 down…and the punishment were 9 IMPs.  Too much south American energy for the firsts boards…fortunately next board added much needed 3 IMPs to Brazil. But things continued to be rough for Brazil, in Board 14 they were one down in 3NT, where Poland managed to make the contract. Board 18 Brazil played 2Spade Suit in one table and Poland played 3Spade Suitin the other, Brazil finished the hand making 8 tricks and the contract. Poland finished paying one down and Brazil celebrated the 5 IMPs they received, to help them to reduce the difference. But happiness is not forever, in board 19 Brazil risked a spade slam that ended one down …Poland carefully arrived to a 3NT contract that was easily managed by declarer to score 12 tricks and received a gift of another 11 IMPs.  Last board continued the tendency …Poland stopped in a diamond game…one down. Brazil adventured the diamond slam and was doubled …two down added the last 9 IMPs to Poland, that left the table with happy faces expecting a good result. Hopefully Singapore and Brazil don’t share the same hotel…because nobody of them will have a peaceful night tonight … The match ended: Poland 52 – Brazil 9 And lunch time arrived…

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