March 26 2019
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9th BBO match Australia-Finland

Australia Matt Smith, Jamie Thompson, Nico Ranson & John McMahon Finland Maria Mylläri, Gabriella Ahlvik, Oskari Koivu & Hermanni Huhtamäki The very first board make Australia gain some IMPs when they arrived to a heart game that wasn’t declared at the other table.  Board 1 North passed, Ahivik (Fin) opened his hand bidding 1Spade Suit and Smith (AUS) doubled. North closed the game. Declarer lost the Spade SuitK lead, and the Diamond SuitA, ruffed the diamond continuation y played two trump’s rounds, when West discarded in the second round, changed to the club suitA, ruffed a club in dummy and claimed his contract. At the other table Australia played 2Spade Suit, two down and 8 IMPs for them. Australia won 5 IMPs more in Board 3: The 1NT opening bid, make N/S play at the third level, declarer couldn´t make it, one down. Australia opened the hand with a 1club suitbid that helped them to stay at level two and after winning the contract added 5 IMPs more in their bag. Board 6 produced the first IMPs for Finland, both Australian couples became declarers in their respective tables and both were down. Finland received 4 IMPs without opening their mouths. Board 10 Ranson (AUS) opened his hand with a 1club suitbid, South competed with hearts, and West showed both minors, when North competed at the three level, Ranson decided to play 3NT. Not a good idea, 5 down …At the other table Finland only played a part score. Finland appreciated the gift. This hand left the match almost even. The match ended: Australia 13 – Finland 12
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