March 26 2019
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6th BBO match Singapore-Belgium

Belgium Dennis Dewit, Emiel Vandewiele, Clovis Dehaye, Jens van Overmeire, Sam Bahbout & NPC Wouter van den Hove. Singapore Teo Xue Heng, Linus Lee, Siew Kheng Hun, Yang Gan, Bryan Yang, Guan Xin & NPC Kelvin Ong
David Burn
At the beginning of the match these were David Burn BBO´s comment’s: Singapore losing finalists to Sweden in the World Junior Championships last year in China. Belgium have a fine young team also. Board 2 D. Burn comments about the bidding: Mind you, the 1club suitopening worked well in that it made it hard for NS to find a heart fit North wanted to stress his diamonds rather than double 3club suitand South suppressed his hearts because it was now or never for 3NT. Lead: club suit4 Lee (SNG) played dummy’s club suit10, Dehaye (BLG) the club suitQ and declarer won the first trick with his king to continue with a diamond to the Diamond Suit10…Diamond SuitQ. Dehaye (BLG) left his hand with his club suit6 declarer played his valet and West club suitA won the second trick. The club suit9 return won next trick, and the club suit5 continuation let East to win the next trick to continue with the Spade SuitA, Spade SuitK, Spade SuitQ that finished the work. Three down. At the other table the heart game was reached very fast and was easily done for a 14 IMPs gain. Board 3 added another 14 IMPs to Belgium, again a 3NT contract was defeated in one table where a 4Spade Suit was a success in the other table.
Belgium – Singapore
Board 5 East/West arrived to the heart game easily, and also easily they went down two tricks. At the other table Singapore was really cautious and only played a heart part-score: 2Heart Suit, they were rewarded with much needed 5 IMPs. Board 7 generated a new double digit swing for Belgium … Board 7 Both tables played the same 3NT contract, D. Burn commented at the start of the play:  here only a diamond lead would have given nothing away, but declarer still has plenty to do. Belgium managed to lead a diamond and defeated the contract, at the other table Singapore thought that a heart lead would be better and declarer managed to make 9 tricks for 12 IMps. Board 9 produced another huge swing for Belgium. Overmeire (BLG) opened his hand with a 1Heart Suit bid and East competed with 2Spade Suit, Bahbaout passed expecting a double reopening from partner, but received a 3Diamond Suit reopening. After that they headed easily to the heart slam, that was also easily played. At the other table Singapore stretched the hand to the seven level and were punished with one down = -14 IMPs. Board 10 repeated the story adding another 13 IMPs to Belgium. Singapore will have bad dreams tonight just remembering these bad decisions…hope they will be able to sleep a little. The match ended: Belgium 69 -Singapore 8

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