March 25 2019

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5th BBO match Netherlands-Denmark

Christian Lahrmann, Søren Bune, Andreas Plejdrup, Emil Buus Thomsen & NPC Claus Lund

Netherlands (U26)
Pim Coppens, Niels van Bijsterveldt, Guy Mendes de Leon, Thibo Sprinkhuizen, Tom van Overbeeke, Ricardo Westerbeek, Leen Stougie, Marc Stougie & NPC Agnes Snellers

The first board unbalanced the score.

Board 11

Christian Lahrmann (DEN) opened his hand with a 1Heart Suitbid, and Sprinkhuizen (NTH) competed with 1NT showing his heart void, North chose to double and after two passes he rescued himself with a 2club suitbid. He was allowed to play them, but doubled. He ended two down, for -300.

At the other table just as in a parallel universe things were totally different.


N/S played 4Spade Suit. The heart lead, produced two ruffs along with the two natural club tricks ended the adventure one down. 8 IMPs for Denmark.

Next board was a 10 IMPs recovery for Netherlands, in one table the contract was 4Heart Suitmade, at the other table the same contract was defeated.

Board 13 

After Andreas Plejdrup (DEN) 1NT opening bid, Guy Mendes de Leon (NTH) doubled, Lahrman continued with 2Diamond Suit. He became declarer but had to play it doubled. He managed to make an overtrick and scored +380.

At the other table North chose to open the hand with 1club suit, and ended playing 2club suit.

He managed to do only 5 tricks…three down and a – 300 score…12 IMPs for Denmark.

Board 14 was a 12 IMPs gain for Netherlands.

Board 14

Søren Bune opened 1Diamond Suit, Pim Coppens (NTH) doubled, West showed his weak hand with hearts, North competed with 2club suitand after three passes the bidding ended. Declarer made the contract with no problems scoring +90.

At the other table Guy Mendes de Leon (NTH) also opened 1Diamond Suit and Lahrman (DEN) also doubled. But this time West said 3Diamond Suit and North chose to show his heart suit and Guy Mendes de Leon (NTH) decree 4Diamond Suit, that were doubled by South.

Declarer only lose two aces and another club fulfilling his contract for +510 and 12 IMPs for Netherlands.

Christian Lahrmann

Board 15 was another 10 IMPs for Netherlands when they chose to play 3NT (done), where Denmark chose to play a heart game going one down.

The match ended:

Netherlands 43 -Denmark 21

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