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September 17,  2019 On the eighth round of the RR, board 4 generated huge swings. It was interesting to analyze the same hand in several tables of the different championships and see how the different couples reacted, both in the attack and in the defense. The swings were defined in the auction at all tables. This happened with board 4 in all the BB tables, VC tables, d’Orsi Tables, Mixed Teams Tables Bermuda Bowl, ROUND 2: Board 4
Match: Italy - China 
Board 4 (RR, Round 8)
Sementa showed his long and complete suit with a 3NT opening bid. Bocchi proposed his diamond suit, and after a 4Heart Suit interference by South, Sementa accepted with a cuebid. Bocchi closed the spade game. Declarer made his 13 tricks with no effort. At the other table, Gang Chen opened with a 1Spade Suitbid, East answered with a FG call, showing his diamonds. South interfered with hearts and West’s cue-bid made his partner arrived to the diamond grand slam. Declarer made his 13 tricks with no effort, but collecting 12 IMPs.
Match: Norway - USA 2
Board 4 (RR, Round 8)
Brogeland showed his long and closed spade suit with a 4diamond Suitopening bid. The 6Heart Suitcuebid helped Lindquist to define the grand slam level. At the other table, despite being vulnerable, when E/W arrived to the 7diamond Suit contract, Tundal did the maths and defended to 7Heart Suit, USA2 chose to double. He was right, 5 down doubled was 1400, instead of  the 2210 added by partners in the other table. 13 IMPs for Norway.
Poland- Australia
Board 4 (RR, Round 8)
Gill opened his hand with 4Spade Suit, and the couple ended doubling Kalita’s 5Heart Suit interference. Result 3 down -800. At the other table Buras – Narkiewicz arrived to the spade Grand Slam, although N/S defended to the seven level in hearts, Buras made the maths and chose to play 7Spade Suit and collected 16 IMPs for his team.
Board 4 (RR, Round 8)
Nystrom used a 3NT opening bid to describe his hand, Upmark closed the spade game, and the couple chose to penalize Argentina’s 5Heart Suit interference. Three down = +800 for Sweden. At the other table, Pejaksevich-Pellegrini arrived to the diamond grand slam, generating 16 IMPs for Argentina. Venice Cup, ROUND 2: Board 4
USA 2 - USA 1
Board 4 (RR, Round 8)
Sunborn showed her closed and long spade suit with a 4diamond Suitopening bid and the couple arrived to the spade grand slam. At the other table again a 4Spade Suit opening bid frustrated that outcome. Don’t forget to follow us @