March 25 2019
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4th BBO match Germany-Netherlands Youth

Netherlands Youth Wisse Huvers, Felix Leufkens, Sibrand van Oosten, Kevin Gotink, Pim Dupont, Youp Caris, Joost Coenen & NPC Wubbo de Boer Germany Leonard Vornkahl, Maximillan Litterst, Felix Dörmer, Jannik Lepper, Marius Gündel, Karl Dransfeld &  NPC Hartmut Kondoch
After the first 6 boards played the match was almost even when Board number 7 appeared over the table. Board 7 Dransfeld (GER) opened his hand showing his spade suit at the one level, West entered the bidding with 2Diamond Suitand Gündel (GER) made a cue-bid, Dransfeld continued showing his hearts, Huvers (NTHY) repeated his diamonds and North closed the spade game, the bidding died after three passes. Declarer made 11 easy tricks and added + 650. At the other table N/S Netherlands Youth couple was more ambitious and decided to play a slam …and they were incredibly lucky too. Dupont (NTHY) also opened his hand with a 1Spade Suit but now West chose to show his hand jumping to 4Diamond Suit…Caris (NTHY) with 5 cards in his partner´s opening suit jumped to 5Spade Suit and Dupont with extras couldn´t stop before slam, at last moment he chose to play it in NT. Lucky declarer received almost the only lead to win: Heart Suit8. After a long thought declarer played small from dummy and was rewarded when East played the Heart SuitJ…enabling his queen to win the trick. After that…the road to victory was simple and declarer ended with 12 tricks and 13 IMPs. The last board of the match was another big win for Netherlands …but we couldn´t watch it , the match ended:

Netherlands Youth 33 – Germany 6

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