Source: Event Bulletin Board 11, the last board of the day on Sunday, produced several double‐digit swings. N/S can make 4 and E/W can make 4. At six tables E/W played in 4doubled. Four of the six declarers found a way to make ten tricks and collected 590 for their efforts. Two tables played in 4undoubled and both declarers collected nine tricks. Three N/S pairs found the sacrifice and played in 5 doubled, taking nine or ten tricks. In the Levine/McAllister match, Mark Lair found himself in 3X. McAllister (North) opened 1 and Lair overcalled a natural 3. Kevin Rosenberg made a negative double and McAllister chose to defend. The opening lead was the 9 to North’s ace. North returned a heart and Lair won in dummy with the ace. The 5 was led and when North followed small, Lair took the deep finesse; he inserted the 7! Now Lair drove out the trumps and lost only three more tricks for +470. At the other table E/W reached 4 which failed by one trick. 11 IMPs to Levine. The most unusual result on this board occurred in the Schireson/Donner match. Michael Rosenberg opened 1 on the North hand. Adam Grossack had no convenient bid with the East hand. He passed. Geeske Joel bid 1 on the South hand and Rosenberg surprised LHO, Zach Grossack by rebidding 2! Grossack led the 6 and Rosenberg won the A and led the 9. Grossack won the club and underlead his A. Rosenberg tried the J and Botta covered with the Q; Rosenberg ruffing. Rosenberg played his K, and the hand imploded! The contracted failed by 5 tricks scoring ‐250. At the other table, E/W played in 4x and took only eight tricks for ‐300 and 11 IMPs to Donner.

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