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The  2020  USBF  Invitational  2  Online  Tournament 

Our  first  Online  Tournament  in  May  delighted  both  the  participants  and  the  spectators.  We  were  encouraged  by  many  to  sponsor  another  competition  and  here we are. We  hope you will  follow  the action August  8‐10 (already finished) and  14‐16 on  BBO.  16  top  United States teams are set to compete.  The  first weekend was a complete Round Robin. Each match were 11 boards.

August  14‐16

The second weekend will feature the Quarterfinal, Semifinal & Final KO stages, with seeding based on Round Robin performance. The Quarterfinal  and  Semifinal  matches will be 56  boards,  played  in  four  14‐board  segments;  the  Final  match  will  be  60  boards,  played  in  four  15‐board  segments. The matches will be played on BBO and broadcast on VuGraph with a 30  minute delay. There will be no real‐time kibitzing allowed for any match. This event will be “open notes” ‐ players may consult their bidding notes  during the auction. Other aids to memory (for example, lists of percent‐ ages, calculators, notes about carding) are not allowed. If a table is over  the  time allowed and one player has  spent  time consulting notes,  that  player’s team will be deemed at fault for the tardiness. Undos  for Misclicks will be Allowed. Any player who accidentally clicks  on the wrong bid or card (“misclick”) may ask for an undo and the opponents must allow it. The request for an undo must be made before the  partner of the person requesting the undo has acted. Online play presents challenges. The USBF extends its gratitude to BBO  for providing a venue where bridge can thrive during this difficult time.  While  the USBF  Board and  the  tournament  organizers  do  their  best  to  make  our  events  the  fairest  Competitions  year  after  year, maintaining  this standard will always be  the responsibility of  the players. We count  on you to uphold the high ideals of ethics, camaraderie and sportsman‐ ship for which United States bridge is known worldwide.   I know I will do my part  to uphold  these standards.
Simon Fellus (WBF) interviewing Brad Moss
Please keep  this in  mind as you participate in this event. Good luck everyone! Let the games begin! Brad Moss, USBF President

2020 INV2 Round Robin Results