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September 25,  2019 Today were played the first three sets of the total of six of the semifinals. In the Bermuda Bowl the day ended as below:
c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Tot
USA 1 0 3 3 22 25 34 59
POLAND 0 20 20 44 64 32 96
c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Tot
NETHERLANDS 0 55 55 63 118 42 160
NORWAY 0 9 9 22 31 22 53
Poland – USA1, after USA1’s comeback in Quarterfinals it should be said that the match is almost  even. Poland has only a 37 IMPs advantage. In the other semifinal Netherlands exceeds Norway by more than 100 IMPs.

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Let’s see some boards that generated big differences in the last set of the day: Board 1 (SF, 3/6) (Netherlands vs Norway) 
At both tables, North opened his hand with a 4Spade Suit bid, and in both cases West arrived to the heart slam. At one table DeJiws (NTH) in North, chose to play saying 6Spade Suit, and Kvangraven (NOR) doubled, end of story. The declarer without possible escape had to lost a heart, a club and a diamond. Two down = -300 for Netherlands. At the other table, North passed over West’s 6Heart Suitand Brogeland (NOR) doubled, end of story. Brogeland (NOR) led hisSpade Suit5, and his partner after winning the trick switched to a club. Declarer had to lose the diamond ace, the club king along with the spade ace for two down, again Netherlands scored -300 and 12 IMPs for Norway. Board 3 (SF, 3/6) (USA 1 vs Poland) 
At one of the tables, Kalita (POL) passed, and Weinstein opened his hand with a 1NT bid. His partner transfered with 2Heart Suit, West informed about his four card spade support, but Levin (USA) re-transfered closing the bidding before game. At the other table, Meckstroth opened the South hand with 1Diamond Suit, and Meckwell didn’t stop before the 3NT game. After the heart lead, declarer easily arrived to nine tricks: two hearts, two diamonds, and four clubs. USA 1 added 9 IMPs. At the other Semifinal, both tables played the same 3club suit contract by N/S. Board 6 (SF, 3/6) (USA 1 vs Poland) 
At one of the tables Meckstroth found the Killing lead, theHeart SuitQ. Declarer won with the ace but along the play had to lose a spade, a diamond and a heart for down one. At the other table Kalita (Pol) chose to lead a diamond and declarer had enough time to get rid of his heart loser making his contract and adding 12 IMPs to USA 1. At the other semifinal things were a litlle different: Board 6 (SF, 3/6) (Netherlands vs Norway) 
At one of the tables after Verhee’s (NTH) 5club suit, North doubled and Brogeland chose to play in spades. Now was West who doubled. Declarer arrived to nine tricks for two down. At the other table 5club suit was one down and 9 IMPs for Netherlands. Board 9 (SF, 3/6) (USA 1 vs Poland) 
Rodwell opened his hand with 2Heart Suit, East showed his spades and Meckstroth closed the heart game. Buras competed with spades. After Meckstroth 6Heart Suit, Narkiewickz (POL) chose to say 6Spade Suit, doubled by South. Declarer had to go down one. The club position prevented declarer to fulfill his nice contract. At the other table Weinstein doubled 6Heart Suit. And again declarer was one down. USA 1 collected 7 IMPs. At the other semifinal things were a litlle different: Board 9 (SF, 3/6) (Netherlands vs Norway) 
Tundal (Nor) chose to play 6Spade Suitover Muller (NTH) 6Heart Suit, nobody doubled. At the other table over Van Prooijn 6Spade Suit, Brogeland (NOR) chose to play 7Heart Suit. 11 IMPs for Netherlands.