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September 29,  2019

Appropriate ending in Wuhan

Spade SuitAKQ103  Heart SuitA  Diamond Suit8  Club SuitAKQJ64
I don’t think I have had a one-loser hand before. As an appropriate ending to the World Championships, the eight South players picked up these cards as the 96th and last board of the finals. Many of you watched it, so there is no point in asking you what you think the contract should be, but maybe you would like to contribute regarding what you think the best bid is in 4th seat NV vs Vul after 1D to your left and 1H to your right. At a couple of tables it went 1Diamond Suitpass pass. Does that make a difference?

Editor’s Note We went to the WBF’s result pages to see what happened with this incredible board at the BB and the VC:

Bermuda Bowl Final

Home Visiting Room Cont. Dec. Lead Tricks NS Home Res. Vis Res.
POLAND  NETHERLANDS  Open 6Club Suit Diamond SuitK   12  920 
Closed 6Spade Suit Diamond Suit9   12  980 
You can watch Board 32 (bidding and Play card by card):

Venice Cup

Home Visiting Room Cont. Decl. Lead Tricks NS Home Res. Vis Res.
CHINA SWEDEN Open 6Club Suit S Diamond SuitK 12 920 2
Closed 6Spade Suit N Diamond Suit6 12 980

You can watch Board 32 (bidding and Play card by card):

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