Source: ABF The ABF Youth Club allows all players 25 and under at the end of the year to be given the rights and privileges of ABF membership without having to join a state-based affiliated club. Membership of the ABF Youth Club is terminated on January 1 of the year after a player reaches his or her 25th birthday. If, by that time, the young player has not already joined a local affiliated club, it will be necessary to do so in order to retain masterpoints earned during the period of ABF Youth Club membership. Players wishing to join the ABF Youth Club may do so by filling out the application form which is available from your state/territory Youth Coordinator or from this site. It is required that prospective members have their form signed by the local coordinator but, for those who live in remote areas, a nominee of the local coordinator will suffice. Young players who join the club are accorded playing rights at affiliated clubs but must agree to abide by rules and conditions imposed by those clubs. Document FileApplication for Youth Club Membership PDF File Application for Youth Club Membership (Updated December, 2019) Any further information may be obtained from the chairman of the Youth committee

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