Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle – Feb 11, 1981 When an opponent has bid with doubtful strength you should suspect that he has good distribution. Dealer South, Both Vul
A 10 9 K 9 3 Q 2 A K 10 8 2
Q 4 J 8 6 5 4 8 6 3 7 4 3 K J 8 3 2 A J 9 5 Q J 6 5
7 6 5 A Q 10 7 2 K 10 7 4 9
West North East South
1 Pass
Pass Double Pass 3
Pass 4 All Pass
Openning Lead: Q
Benito Garozzo & Dano De Falco
Benito Garozzo & Dano De Falco
Thus when Italian expert Benito Garozzo played today’s hand last October in the Bridge Olympics, he suspected that East was short in trumps. Garozzo took the ace of spades, cashed the top clubs to discard a spade and then rolled a club — a key play. Declarer next led a diamond, losing the queen to the East ace cashed the king of spades and then led the jack. Garozzo ruffed with the ace to prevent an overruff, and West harmlessly discarded a club on this trick. Declarer cashed the king of diamonds and led a third diamond. West ruffed and dummy overruffed. When declarer now led dummy’s king of hearts, East’s discard revealed the bad break. Now Garozzo led a club from dummy and discarded from his hand. West had to ruff and had to return a trump giving Garozzo the last two tricks and his contract.

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