Source: Kingman Daily Miner – 12 Sep 1977

Jim: “We get so many letters about the Blackwood convention that we really ought to devote some more articles to slam bidding and the proper use of this line convention.” Oswald: “Here is an example of its abuse. A Canadian reader wanted to know how he could have reached the lay down six-spade contract. His bidding is shown in the box ” Jim. “North violated the first rule for when not to use Blackwood. You just should not use Blackwood when you have a worthless doubleton in any suit not bid by your partner.” Oswald: “The scientific bidders would start with a three-diamond bid by North. South would rebid three spades, North four clubs and South six clubs. He would like his clubs and his singleton heart whereupon North would close the bidding at six spades.” Jim: “There is also a fairly simple, but elegant way to get to six. North bids five spades right away. This bid asks partner to cue bid if he can take the first heart, to bid six spades If he can take the second one and to pass if he is looking at two quick heart losers.”

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