July 9, 2017

The 26th European Youth Team Championships

Spade SuitJ752 92 KJ3 AK94

Spade SuitAKQ109 KQJ5 985 3

Simon Hult 
Simon Hult

The 26th European Youth Team Championships started today in Slovakia. In the last round of the day in the Under 26 Open Teams, The Netherlands took on Sweden, two of the pre-tournament favourites.

On the deal above both declarers were in the normal 4Spade Suit contract. Where Sweden’s Simon Hult was on lead, the two of diamonds hit the table. Not unreasonably, declarer played dummy’s jack, losing to Adam Stokka‘s queen. A heart switch went to Hult’s ace and he continued with 4.

Ola Rimsted
Ola Rimsted

Declarer didn’t do anything silly when he let it run. Unfortunately for him, the ‘unbeatable’ contract was now one down. Stokka won with the 10 and returned the suit to his partner’s ace.

Wald coment: Simon underled diamond ace twice and was successful.

At the other table, Ola Rimstedt was equal to the task. He also got the lead of 2, but after a few seconds he asked for dummy’s king and soon afterwards claimed 11 tricks for an 11 IMP gain.

Sweden won the 14-board match by a formidable 81 IMPs (20-0 VPs).

Wald Comment: Ola asked for the king after a few seconds of thought.

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