Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bridge Tips with Marty Bergen

Source: BallenIsles Channel 63  

LC Weak 2 Talking Bridge Sound Track by Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen Talking about Weak 2-bids from his "Talking Bridge" visit:

A Taster by Andrew Robson

Source: This deal is taken from Andrew Robson’s Daily Bridge Column is available in animated form at the Times online’s website. Produced by Conrad Brunner.

The best of the the bad options


Bidding Quiz in Opatija

During the 4th World Youth Open Bridge Championships some players answered this bidding problem.

A Bridge Lesson by Barry Rigal

During the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series Mr. Barry Rigal explained this example.

John Kranyak (USA) in Auction

During the World Mind Games Beijing 2014 John Kranyak commented this hand played with his partner Vincent Demuy.

The Lall’s Sacrifice by Justin Lall

During the World Mind Games Beijing 2014 Justin Lall played and commented this hand.