Sunday, December 16, 2018

Plan, Count, Plan By Janice Seamon-Molson

During the World Bridge Games, Wroclaw (POL) 2016 Janice Seamon Molson (USA) explained this example.

Defensive Attitude Signals in Contract Bridge

Source: BridgeHands

How To Get Better At Bridge – Episode #1 – Journey...

Peter Hollands is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open...

A Single-Suit Squeeze by Gabriel Chagas

During the VI South American Transnational Championships, Medellin 2016 we presented a “Hand of the Day”, today’s hand is explained by the WGM Gabriel...

Defense: Never Rests

Source: When bidding, hand evaluation and effective communication is great - yet the real proof of the eating happens as the play begins... and proceeds.


How to Play Suit Combinations

Bridge Memes

Bridge History: Ex Wife Stories