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The club just for college students!
If you know a college student that plays bridge, tell them about the new College Bridge Online Club!
This exclusive area of BBO lets college students play with other students, win prizes and get special benefits on BBO for free.
Only for CBO members:
  1. Daily individual practice tournaments! Compare results with students at your school and around the country.
  2. Free private bot rental! Practice for big events with a partner, against BBO bots.
  3. Monthly tournaments with prizes! Get rewards and Masterpoints®. Starts October 27.
  4. Win a trip to Atlanta! Play for scholarships in the 2018 Collegiate Bridge Bowl.
  5. More details soon.
Play at the new online bridge club just for college students! You’ll have access to exclusive resources on Bridge Base online (BBO), so you can play with other college students at your school and across North America.Play in daily individual practice tournaments just for you or practice with your partner using free robots! You can even with prizes in live tournaments against other teams. What you get:
  1. Daily individual practice tournaments. Play with robots and compare your results with other students.
  2. Win prizes in live tournaments against other teams.
  3. Free robot rental so you and your partner can get ready for the Bridge Bowl.
  4. Super tournament in spring 2018 – Top teams get a free trip to play in Atlanta!
What you need:
  1. Current college enrollment
  2. A BBO account
  3. An ACBL member number (only $5 [Can$6.20] a year for college students 25 and under)

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