Source: IBPA Column Service APR 2021
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez
When I meet a new student who wants to take a class and says he plays well, I give him a declarer play exercise. Mondays are for beginners, Wednesdays are for intermediates and Fridays are for advanced players. This is the exercise. IMPs Dealer East. Both Vul
A 7 4 J 10 5 3 K J A K Q J
K 8 6 Q 9 8 7 Q 10 5 6 4 3
West North East South
Pass Pass
Pass 1 Pass 1
Pass 4 End
Opening lead: 2. South plays in four hearts and receives a low spade lead. Think about how you would play the deal. There is nothing special about it. There are three losers: the trump ace and king and the ace of diamonds. You can discard the diamond loser on the third diamond. Some players win the spade in either hand and play trumps – they take classes on Mondays. Others win with the king of spades and play on diamonds. That is not best, but if the defence wins with the ace of diamonds, declarer can succeed. (A defensive holdup and spade continuation leads to declarer’s defeat.) Those players take classes on Wednesdays. A few players win the opening lead with the ace of spades in dummy and continue with the king of diamonds. That allows them to discard the spade loser on the third diamond whether the defence wins the first diamond or not. Those players take Friday classes. Timing and transportation issues are important factors to take into account. What day can I schedule you? The complete deal:
J 7 4 5 3 A 10 7 3 10 9 6 3
K 9 8 5 Q 10 8 7 4 9 5 K 2 Q 6 2 J 9 6 K 6 4 2 8 5 4
A 10 3 A K 2 Q J 8 A Q J 7

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