Source: 24th EUROPEAN BRIDGE YOUTH TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS This morning I received an e-mail from Barry Rigal – the chairman of the Prize Committee of IBPA, concerning entries to the Junior play of the year competition. Five minutes later on the screen of the vugraph, where we were watching the Poland – Netherlands Girls match, we could see the following declarer play problem: After the bidding (both vulnerable, dealer East) West led Heart SuitA and continued the suit. How should South play?You discard the club… What are the prospects? There is one more obvious club loser, and how can we avoid losing two spade tricks? Chances are not great, but… After a vulnerable 3Heart Suit opening, when West had the diamond ace, the trump ace can be located in East hand. Could it be ace-doubleton? In theory yes, but the sevencard diamond suit with West makes it improbable. You should look for another chance. Basia Roslon from Poland found it – she started trumps by leading the queen! And that was that. East followed with a low spade, and West with the jack. Now the next spade – small, seven, diamond discard… Made! This is the complete board: Girls R16. Board 10. Dealer East. All Vul.In the replay, Justyna Zmuda (West) opened 3Heart Suit, passed around, and made it.