Source The Day – 4 Dic 1982 Lead: Club Suit10 The early bird may get the worm, but the early duck gets the contract. Today’s South took the jack of clubs, cashed both top spades to see if the queen would fall and then led a heart to the ace in order to try the diamond finesse. The finesse worked, but when South continued the diamonds East won the third diamond, cashed the queen of spades and then switched to the jack of hearts. The defenders got three hearts, a diamond, a spade, and a club. EARLY DUCK An early duck gives South his contract. South should lead a low diamond at the second trick, ducking one trick in that suit while dummy still has the ace of hearts. East returns the jack of hearts, and South plays low from his hand as dummy wins with the ace. Only now is it proper for South to try the diamond finesse. When the finesse succeeds. South runs the diamonds and leads the king of clubs. South is sure of four diamonds, two spades, two clubs and one heart.

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