Source: EBL This is an annual competition that takes place in November for the national club champions from the top ten countries in the previous European Teams Championships. Those national Bridge organisations lacking an inter-club competition are represented by the winner of its most prestigious team event. The 17th edition of the Champions Cup will be hosted by the Israeli Bridge Federation in Eilat, Israel from 8th – 10th November 2018. (kibitz the event in BBO). Microsite of the Event – Information and Programme Click on the Event number below for the tournament website, on the Venue for rankings and on the Winner for team members.
Year Event Venue Winners
2017 16 Riga, Latvia BC’T ONSTEIN
2016 15 Zagreb, Croatia MONACO
2015 14 Milton Keynes, England ITA-G.S. ALLEGRA
2014 13 Milan, Italy G.S. ALLEGRA ITA
2013 12 Opatija, Croatia G.S. ALLEGRA
2012 11 Eilat, Israel G.S. ALLEGRA
2011 10 Bad Honnef, Germany G.S. ALLEGRA
2010 9 Izmir, Turkey ONSTEIN – NED
2009 8 Paris, France ANGELINI – ITALY
2008 7 Amsterdam, Netherlands PARIOLI – ITALY
2007 6 Wroclaw, Poland PARIOLI – ITALY
2006 5 Rome, Italy BBC – GERMANY
2005 4 Brussels, Belgium PARIOLI – ITALY
2004 3 Barcelona, Spain PARIOLI – ITALY
2003 2 Rome, Italy PARIOLI – ITALY
2002 1 Warsaw, Poland ITALY