Source: English Bridge Union   There is still time for your club to take part in the Sim Pairs, Monday 3rd/Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th/Thursday 6th February. Previously titled the Bridge England Sim Pairs, this event has been re-named the “Junior Squad Sim Pairs” to celebrate and promote junior bridge in England, with funds raised from the event going directly into the junior squad budgets. The event remains in the familiar fun format, suitable for everyone to play, not just juniors! I hope you will support this event and look forward to you playing. Information on the benefits of participating in the event, including entry in the £1000 prize draw and details on how clubs can participate, are available on the Sims page. Same format for 2020: In 2019, we amended the format to give you a choice of days on which to play. As this format worked well, we will use the same details for the 2020 Junior Squad Sim Pairs events. The first set of deals can be played on Monday or Tuesday. The second set can be played on Wednesday or Thursday. This means a larger field in each competition, making it more interesting and enjoyable for those who take part. To register: To play on Monday, enter for Tuesday but play the boards a day earlier; for Wednesday enter Thursday’s competition and play early. Players can participate on only one of Mon/Tues and one of Wed/Thu.
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