February 3, 2022  e teams have been selected for the forthcoming Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer, to be held on RealBridge 18th-20th February. You will be able to watch the matches on RealBridge, with a half-hour delay.
Peggy Bayer – England Team Lucy Norman and Tom Furness Charlotte Bedford and Venetia Anoyrkatis Raphaela Sinclair and Rufus Barnett NPC: Giorgio Provenza Junior Camrose – EBU Team Oscar Selby and Harry Madden Jamie Fegarty and Liam Fegarty Thomas Gardner and Andy Cope NPC: Nick Smith Junior Camrose – England Team Jonathan Clark and Kripa Panchagnula Ewa Wieczorek and Charles Bucknell Sam Anoyrkatis and Daniel Winter NPC: Nick Sandqvist Coach: Stephen Kennedy

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