David Bird
Wikipedia: David Lyster Bird (born 29 March 1946) is a British bridge writer from Eastleigh, with more than 130 bridge books to his name. He was born in London and is bridge correspondent for the Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. He contributes regularly to many magazines, including Bridge PlusEnglish BridgeBridge Magazine and the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. IMPs Dealer South. N/S Vul
A 9 6 J 7 10 5 2 A 6 5 3 2
8 4 A 10 6 2 A K 4 K Q 9 7
West North East South
3 3NT Pass Pass

What sort of penalty can North expect from 3 doubled?

Two down would be a fair guess and 300 ill not compensate for a missed vulnerable game.North decides to bid 3NT instead of doubling and West leads K. It’s up to you to make partner’s bidding look good.

Can you see what might stop you from scoring nine tricks?

Hands up anyone who thought that a 4-0 club break was the only possible problem! South’s 9 and 7 will cause difficulties even when the suit breaks 3-1. After cashing the king, queen and ace, South’s remaining pip will block the club suit. What can you do about it? The solution is to duck the first two rounds of spades, then discard the 7 (or9) on the A. With the blocking club out of the way you can cash the K and Q, then cross to the ace and score two small clubs in dummy. That will give you nine tricks. I West tries to be cleaver by switching to a different suit at trick two, you will win and duck a second round of spades yourself. When you regain the lead you will be able to cash the K and Q, then cross to the A to discard your last club on the A. Once again the way be clear for you to enjoy dummy’s two small clubs. The complete deal:
A 9 6 J 7 10 5 2 A 6 5 3 2
K Q J 10 5 3 2 K 8 J 9 7 10 7 Q 9 5 4 3 Q 8 6 3 J 8 4
8 4 A 10 6 2 A K 4 K Q 9 7

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