The Bridge World Champions and former bridge partnership (for a long time), have opened a group on Facebook called:

Bocchi & Madala – Big Bang Bridge

They promise to answer bridge questions some in Italian and others in English. WBFY promises to translate all posts in Italian that are useful for you to learn and develop a better bridge.
Norberto Bocchi & Agustin Madala
Norberto Bocchi & Agustin Madala
This is their explanation of what they want to do with this Facebook Group: In this group Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala will share their bridge knowledge with enthusiasts willing to improve. It’s mainly aimed to Italian players but we’ll do our best to answer questions asked in English as well.
Well, we’ll see how it works. Let’s hope Google Translator will help!!
We’re then going to have some posts in Italian and some other in English which might be confusing. On the sidelines, we all know that bridge is not only played “at the table” and technique is not the only thing we care about. There are many topics which are, broadly speaking, “political”.  We don’t mind if someone is interested in raising such arguments provided it’s made politely and respectfully. Having a different standpoint is just fine, expressing it in a rude way is not and won’t be accepted.