Sunday 3rd May:

  • 9pm Norway
  • 8pm UK
  • 3pm New York
Boye Brogeland (WGM)
Join us for another “Over My Shoulder Bridge” Bridge event.
Boye Brogeland (WGM) will be playing with Espen Lindqvist (WIM) v Chris Willenken (WLM) and partner
Both Boye and Chris are providing commentary in English. Thank you to all the experts who are participating in the exhibition match and providing the commentary. You will get a poster and a request to get invited. This will be sent to you on Saturday morning. For now, no need to reply. If you can’t join us, look the following day, on Monday afternoon, on YouTube,
The YouTube Channel with past videos is here: On this channel you will see recordings in English, Dutch, Hebrew, Norwegian, Spanish, Danish.
More events with experts providing commentary are planned on:
  • Thursday 7th May:  Dutch and English
  • Monday 11th May:  Hungarian and English
  • Spanish and Icelandic will be next week too. We are just finalising the arrangements.

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