Source: Bridge On-Line  The final phase of the 2019 Italian Mixed Cup has ended. After three days of competition, with a phase of knockout matches starting in the round of 32, the decisive match was the Emilia Romagna derby between Giubilo – Bridge Rastignano and Frenna – Bridge Bologna. The match was constantly in balance and, on with a board to end, the match was almost in perfect equality: Frenna led for only one imp. The final round, also summarized in the Championship bulletin, was worth the Cup: an extension of 11 imp for the boys of the Giubilo team, and then jump for joy, screams of happiness, hugs and even tears. The winners of the 2019 Italian Mixed Cup are (in order of position in the picture) Gianmarco Giubilo, Sabina Kulenovic, Giovanni Donati, Gabriele Giubilo, Valentina and Federica Dalpozzo. A team under 40, with even five under-21 members.

Premiazione Coppa Italia Mista 2019

Geplaatst door Andrea Dalpozzo op Zondag 3 november 2019
A team of multi-champions in office: just over two weeks ago, Donati and the Dalpozzo sisters were crowned Italian Champions in the Pairs Championships (Gio in the Open, Faith and Vale in Women). The representative of Frenna: Morena Azzolini Frenna, Giuseppe Frenna, Margherita Chavarria, Monica Cuzzi, Emanuela Fusari, Furio Di Bello, Alessandro Gandoglia and Antonio Sementa won the silver medal for the second consecutive year. The bronze was awarded to the formations released in the semifinals: Brambilla – Bridge Resegone (Federica Brambilla, Mario D’avossa, Jan Ove Johansson, Fabio Lo Presti, Lorenzo Tagliabue, Vanessa Torielli, Marilina Vanuzzi, Myrta Zucco) and Terenzi – Bridge Club Sanremo (Giovanna Cassai, Monica Crespi, Stefano Deprati, Loredana Di Bella, Paola Gergati, Fabrizio Liguori, Roberto Rosti, Roberto Terenzi). Don’t forget to follow us @